AMA Polkadot Parachain Bifrost: New staking scenario combine cross-chain by Polkabase

The Rust language which grounds Polkadot is a fairly special-interest programming language at the beginning of its adoption. The current limited number of programmers who understand Rust and can use Rust for development has led to a lack of developer community size and quality, and more need for popularization and education of the language. PolkaBase will work with the Rust technology community and Substrate’s multinational community to promote Rust among programmers.

It is committed to creating a new generation community that can promote the implementation of blockchain technology and applications, generate high-quality content and product value, and attract external resources and teams in the blockchain industry. Most project ecosystems exist a short-term process of obtaining clout and maintaining and expanding through various activities, ignoring the education and development of technical knowledge. But for example, in Ethereum, many of the technical advancements and contributions come from engineers in the community and countless projects using their smart contracts to develop applications. It can be seen that technology pushes and applies the landing ecosystem, which is currently the core.

  1. We have been actively participating in the construction of Polkadot ecosystem, including participating in some online and offline activities.
  2. When it comes to future development, you need to always look back at the lessons in history.
  3. When looking back at the history of cross-chain transfer bridges, the previous open-source was the BTC Relay developed by Consensys, which is a one-way bridge from BTC to ETH.
  4. Recently, Darwinia will also release Darwinia Relay, the latest research result of the bridge.

The joining of these partners has helped Darwinia enrich its own ecosystem. In the future, we have more partners to join, including many already announced and unannounced. These above problems are actually the difficulties faced by many project ecosystems. It is also obstacles that we must overcome to the further development of the third generation of ecosystem. Universities, industry and associations work together to demonstrate and implement Polkadot’s technology outside the industry.

PolkaBase “Empower Industry” First Meetup Report: Application and Opportunity for Polkadot Ecosystem in Industry

Bifrost’s positioning is very clear, and it plays the role of a staking liquidity provider in the Polkadot ecosystem. We will mainly focus on providing staking liquidity, small-node market bidding rights, lowering the threshold of parallel chain users’ staking, and expanding the use of vToken in parallel chains. At the same time, Polkadot uses a relay network to bridge each parallel chain and public chain to build an interconnected ecosystem.

Earlier, I have paid great passion for Ethereum, so I was always interested in the work done by Gavin Wood and Parity. I think it is because of Substrate, we all know that Substrate is a framework for developing blockchains, and the advantage of Rustlang. Around the beginning of 2019, when we examined some cutting-edge blockchain engineering technologies, we also studied Substrate in-depth and found that the design of this framework is very forward-looking in many aspects. Hello everybody,welcome to the 10th polkadot ecosystem project series weekly AMA. Nowadays the polkadot ecosystem has become more and more popular in China. There are constantly new Web3 builder official sharing sessions coming through, and we joint activities of the five public chains of ReadyLayerOne in early May, including polkadot.

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We set up a brilliant team of computer scientists, mathematicians, lawyers and philosophers to first theoretically and then practically set up a useful blockchain protocol. In this technology-driven sharing session, PolkaBase and the core members of several large domestic developer communities gathered in a rare way to share the core issues of cutting-edge technologies. Interestingly, though technologies are different, they all revolve more or less around the issues of data communication and confidentiality.In this era, the compatibility between openness and privacy is the biggest network problem. Of course, many technologies and companies now provide great convenience for our lives. But now that we have lost control of our personal content on WeChat and Weibo, coupled with increasingly serious privacy issues, it has seriously affected the universality of the Web. Many applications are mandatory to log in to third parties such as WeChat Application login method.

We have been actively participating in the construction of Polkadot ecosystem, including participating in some online and offline activities. In Darwinia, both RING and KTON can participate in Staking, and KTON is locked when participating in Staking through RING, so Staking will be slightly more complicated than other Staking systems. Back to the topic, at present, in a short period polkabase time, we expect that Substrate 2.0 can be stabilized and can be put into production as soon as possible. At the same time, as a developer, I also agree that “It ‘ll be done when it’s done”. This time, we have brought together the two-month Polkadot Ecosystem Project AMA series, which has been launched to the 3rd AMA. You can email the site owner to let them know you were blocked.

At present, there are two kinds of cross-chain solutions:

The Trusted Entity checks the claim and decides if it wants to issue a certificate. The certificate is issued to the claimer, which then controls the certificate. This can be a person claiming to be able to drive a car, but also a chocolate bar, claiming to contain no traces of peanuts. It can also be an employee, claiming to have access to a building. I am a computer scientist and have a solid background as C-Level Executive of big industry. Everyone can also distribute their great ideas to the whole world through the Web.

People, institutions or things using the KILT Blockchain might often decide to also use the value added services provided on top of KILT. While the whole blockchain functionality would of course be made available without using the services, there are some practical aspects, which might convince users to use these services. And c) some checking process, finding out if the claimer is entitled to receive the credential. Entities, which have trust shall be empowered to monetize their trust through KILT.

Additionally, a lot of substrate is based around macros, which were hard to understand in the beginning and the tooling and documentation wasn’t there to know, what actually happens under the hood. Our runtime modules store data, which is used for credential verification and revocation status and makes sure, the delegation tree is valid when making an attestation based on one. We aim to become the standard solution for decentralized identities (DID) and verifiable Credentials for all projects in the Polkadot ecosystem. The third important utility of the blockchain is storing Decentralised Identifiers (DIDs). The second utility of the KILT Blockchain is, that delegation trees are stored here. This allows for complex trust structures, where one entity delegates the right to issue certain certificates to another entity.

Great explanations. How do we stake in the dual token system, and what is this kind of staking mechanism?

Since about 2012, our two Co-Founders have started to contact and understand the crypto community. Some of the concepts of decentralized exchange and stablecoins were first proposed. Bitshares is an open-source project that we are deeply involved in. I personally also participated in the core development of Bitshares 1.0. Of course, we are always open-minded, and have paid attention to and participated in the entire crypto ecosystem and other projects, such as Ethereum, MakerDAO, NEO, etc.

They would need to keep up the trust by the verifiers and have to adjust their pricing according to what the claimer is ready to pay for the certificate and they would be punished by the market if they act malicious. We also have a strong focus on our typescript SDK, which helps programmers to easily interact with our protocol. Self Sovereign Identity is only one possible use case for KILT and of all the projects we currently have, not a single one is on SSI. Our goal is to rely on SoLiD to reconstruct the relationship between [people and applications] and [people and data]. The current status of the Internet is the extreme insecurity of personal privacy.

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