How to Take a Screenshot on a PC

To capture the active window, choose Window Snip instead. This question does not appear to be about a specific programming problem, a software algorithm, or software tools primarily used by programmers. If you believe the question would be on-topic on another Stack Exchange site, you can leave a comment to explain where the question may be able to be answered. Once you complete the steps, if you have another application currently mapped to use the Print Screen button, you may need to restart the computer to apply the settings. Under the “Print Screen shortcut” section, turn on the “Use the PrtScn button to open screen snipping” toggle switch.

Upgrade to Windows 11 if you want the latest features — Windows 11 does bring in some great new features, and Windows 10 isn’t going to get most, if not all of them. Some things like installing Android apps on Windows 11 are only available in the US as of yet. However, you can still get them outside of the US via unofficial methods. In summation, Windows 11 still is an experience that doesn’t feel as open as we expect from Windows. Of course, since it’s Windows, you can technically use third-party applications to mod the OS to function the way you want.

The biggest changes that come with Windows 11

You can also use the Rufus tool to create the installation media. Rufus is a free tool with many options to help you create a bootable media of Windows 11, 10, or 8.1 faster. However, it’s important to remember that it’s a third-party option, which Microsoft does not support.

  • And be assured, I have only picked the methods that will not have any harmful impact on your PC, like losing data.
  • However, not all Bluetooth devices are the same.
  • This will uninstall the previous version and install the PIP version that you’ve specified.

Moreover, pairing devices with your computer can streamline your productivity and help save time. To enable Bluetooth, toggle the Bluetooth slider to the On position. After enabling Bluetooth, your computer will automatically start scanning and list the Bluetooth enabled devices found. A confirmation screen will show up when the device is connected successfully. Click on the Done button to close the window. Similarly, you can pair other devices with your Windows 10 PC.

Download Windows 11 Pro ISO Arm

There are various ways to take screenshot on Windows 10. In this article, we are first going to see how we can take screenshots using native tools and then move on to some third-party tools that provide extra features. 2) If you want to take a screenshot of single window, click the window then hold down Alt key and press PrtScn. Some Android phone manufacturers offer a scrolling screenshot feature that can capture a whole webpage or message thread. They all have different names, but each involves taking a screenshot then tapping on a button when the preview appears. For example, on a Samsung phone, you should press the button with two arrows in a box to use Scroll Capture.

Create recovery media and back up important files

Hopefully this has fixed your Bluetooth problem. Please feel free to comment below with your experiences, and to share this post with friends and colleagues, if they’re having Bluetooth troubles. Sure, Windows 10 is relatively new, but it’s still just the latest iteration of a decades-old operating system, designed for a bygone era (pre-internet). Hold down theWindows logo keyand press theRkey to bring up the Run box. On your desktop, right-click on the Start button to selectDevice Manager. If you’re sure your computer supports Bluetooth click this, move on to the solutions.

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