Beauty Caps Haut • Haare • Nägel mit natürlichem Bambusextrakt


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Helps with
• hair loss
• beautiful elastic skin
• hair and nail growth
• foot and nail fungus
• improvement of the complexion


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60 capsules

Recommended dosage Take

1 capsule twice a day before a meal with some liquid.
The recommended daily dose must not be exceeded.
Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced,
varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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made in Austria according to ISO 22000: 2005
quality raw materials with the
highest bioavailability!
Our capsules are made without artificial colors, preservatives, allergy-inducing fillers or auxiliary substances and are only filled into uncolored, vegetarian, plant-based capsule shells.

Zusätzliche Informationen

Gewicht 0,570 kg
Größe 9 × 4,5 × 9 cm


lactosefrei – fructosefrei – glutenfrei

Bambusextrakt, Zinkgluconat, L-Cysteinhydrochlorid, Eisengluconat, Natriumselenit, Calcium-D-pantothenat, Kupfercitrat, D-Biotin, Cellulose (Füllstoff), modifizierte Cellulose (Kapselhülle)


pro 2 Kapseln pro 100 g %NRV*
Biotin 60 µg 7,5 mg 120
Pantothensäure 4 mg 0,5 g 66
Eisen 6 mg 0,8 g 42
Zink 8 mg 1,0 g 80
Kupfer 1 mg 0,1 g 100
Selen 50 µg 6,3 mg 90
L-Cystein 45 mg 5,6 mg
Bambusextrakt 400 mg 50,1 g
davon Kieselsäure 300 mg 37,6 g


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