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Supports with
• regulating vascular protection HDL and LDLl
• cancer protection
• fertility
• eyes (dry, watery, tiring)
• inflammation
• skin protection

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60 capsules

Recommended dosage :
Take 1 capsule twice a day with a little liquid before a meal.
Krill oil
production Krill oil is obtained from the Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba / = tiny crab animals living in huge swarms). Since krill is at the beginning of the food chain and feeds on pure plant plankton, it is not contaminated with heavy metals or other pollutants. The occurrence is almost unlimited and the current annual catch quota is less than 1 per thousand of the stock. Krill oil has to be produced with great effort and very carefully. During extraction, the oil must not be exposed to excessive temperatures (max. 20 degrees) so that the three components „phospholipids, astaxanthin and omega 3“ are not destroyed and remain stable. There are two methods of making krill oil:
a) Cold extraction(extremely gentle, costly extraction) Advantage: purity and highest quality / effect)
b) Heat extraction / = heating (cheap and simple) Advantage: Increase in the production quantity Our krill oil is obtained by cold extraction, which guarantees a significantly higher bioactive property , ie the ingredients are characterized by purity and high quality and effect.
Difference krill oil versus fish oil
Phospholipids and astaxanthin are only found in krill oil (not in pure omega3 / omega 6 / omega 9), this is an important component for increasing performance and regeneration of the entire body (keeps the cells elastic and consistent for nutrients etc. that are krill phospholipids almost identical to those of the brain, which is why they also have a positive influence on brain performance / cognitive abilities and visual function) It can be immediately absorbed by the body without bile acids. Advantage: no belching
is responsible for the extremely potent antioxidant power and the red color of krill oil.

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made in Austria according to ISO 22000: 2005
quality raw materials with the
highest bioavailability!
Our capsules are made without artificial colors, preservatives, allergy-inducing fillers or auxiliary substances and are only filled into uncolored, vegetarian, plant-based capsule shells.

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